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About Us

Our Vision

Education Background

Our vision is louder and clearer. We always think about the well being of students. We believe in quality education. Our way of thinking is that a business man can never be an educationist and a fair educationist can never think of becoming a businessman. An educationist would never think about making money out of such sacred profession. This is our credo that every thing can be compromised but there is no compromise on student's education. Al-Noor is not just a brand but it is an institution where hopes become reality and dreams come true.

Here in Al-Noor we don't sugarcoat things to hide truth from parents like other schools and colleges do. In fact we tell them the things as it is. The trio that involves parents, students and teachers make things work smoothly because of the strong bonding they have. We believe that rewarding education is not enough but transforming knowledge is very essential, that is why we firmly believe in delivering practical knowledge.

Al-Noorians’ Culture

Education Background

Al-Noorians’ culture is enriched in ethics, fairness and respect. They are unique in their thoughts and morals. Educational system of this institute focuses on bringing positive change in society through character transformation of students. The system is built in a way to provide true essence of knowledge and move away from traditional means of education that ruin the personality and thinking of a student. Some distinctive features of this culture are:

  1. An environment conducive to study
  2. Faculty that focuses on conceptual study rather than cramming
  3. Clean and Hygienic environment
  4. Well furnished, air-conditioned classrooms with UPS and generator facility to combat load shedding.
  5. Well-equipped labs
  6. Library enriched with books of various variety
  7. Physical education including Karate, Cricket, Badminton etc.
  8. Sports Gala and Sports Week
  9. Concerts and other fun festivals for recreation

Result Producer

Education Background

The distinguished part of this institute is its excellent results. Al-Noor knows the art of transforming weak students into high achievers. Each year it generates toppers of board, Entry test and Universities.
Al-Noor not only produces toppers but also achieve highest success ratio. Al-Noorians’ got admission in international Universities as well as top ranking Universities of Pakistan. To cut short, we are the best result producers from Wahga to Shahdara.

Award and Scholarships

Education Background

Distributing prizes among students is one of the ways to enthusiaste and encourage them. In Al-Noor, monthly and annual prize distribution ceremony is held to give prizes to high achievers of Lahore Board and high scorers of College and School as well. Prizes include Car, Bikes and Cash. There are also scholarships for deserving and talented Students on need and merit based respectively.

Excellent Test Session System

Education Background

Practice makes a man perfect. This is famous quote which well explains the vitality of practice. The test session is also a kind of practice session. Our institute has a well-organized test session system through which the students master the concepts learned in the class. Test session starts twenty days right after the commencement of classes. So different types of tests conducted at Al-Noor are:

  1. Regular class tests
  2. Quality tests
  3. A Test Session that includes chapter wise, quarterly, half book and full book tests of all subjects
Regular assignments are given. Papers and assignments are set in a way to enhance students’ understanding and knowledge of the subject.

Excellent Prep System

Education Background

Prep system takes its inspiration from international system. It’s a way to throw out traditional tuition system.
All students are not equal. Some of them are not as much skilled at learning. Problem is not with their intelligence level but the habits that they develop overtime.Prep system is for such students. Extra preparation time is given to those students who fall below threshold. Prep is conducted under the supervision of subject specialists. It helps to continuously monitor performance of a student.

Student Care

Education Background

Since students are the asset of Al-Noor so the institute does its best to uplift them. History of each student is maintained in student profile. All strengths and weakness are mentioned, so that they can be alleviated. Special attention is given to weak students by arranging extra classes for them.

Career Counseling Meeting and Seminar

Education Background

Ethical and moral grooming is an essential part of education. Also, a student often passes through phase of distress during period of study. Keeping this in mind, regular meetings are conducted throughout session by C.E.O with students and parents. This helps to maintain strong bond between students, parents and institution. Topics of these talks are personality building, conceptual study, stress management and character reformation.
Seminars are regulated just before board exams to assist students in releasing stress. Through career counseling sessions, students can make effective choices regarding career. Entry test seminars are conducted as well. Collective effect of these meetings is the inventive personality of Al-Noorians and they stand high and prominent among others.

Regular Feedback Mechanism

Education Background

Keeping parents aware of their children’s activity is a compulsory act. Al-Noor has a strong and well-organized system to achieve this purpose. There is a regular check on absent students and their parents are alerted through calls and SMS. Results of students are also sent through messaging service. Regular parent-teacher meetings are arranged to keep parents informed of their child’s performance.