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Why Alnoor

Education Background

Al-Noorians’ Culture

Al-Noorians’ Culture is enriched in ethics, fairness and respect. They are unique in their thoughts and morals. Educational system of this institute focuses on bringing positive change in society through character transformation of students. The system is built in a way to provide true essence of knowledge and move away from traditional means of education that ruin the personality and thinking of a student. Some distinctive features of this culture are:

  • An environment conducive to study
  • Faculty that focuses on conceptual study rather than cramming
  • Clean and Hygienic environment
  • Well furnished, air-conditioned classrooms with UPS and generator facility to combat load shedding.
  • Well-equipped labs
  • Library enriched with books of various variety
  • Physical education including Karate, Cricket, Badminton etc.
  • Sports Gala and Sports Week
  • Concerts and other fun festivals for recreation