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Why Alnoor

Education Background

Our Vision

Our vision is louder and clearer. We always think about the well being of students. We believe in quality education. Our way of thinking is that a business man can never be an educationist and a fair educationist can never think of becoming a businessman. An educationist would never think about making money out of such sacred profession. This is our credo that every thing can be compromised but there is no compromise on student's education. Al-Noor is not just a brand but it is an institution where hopes become reality and dreams come true.
Here in Al-Noor we don't sugarcoat things to hide truth from parents like other schools and colleges do. In fact we tell them the things as it is. The trio that involves parents, students and teachers make things work smoothly because of the strong bonding they have. We believe that rewarding education is not enough but transforming knowledge is very essential, that is why we firmly believe in delivering practical knowledge.